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As a part of the Church of England we are a part of the global church.  We see all we do as part of the bigger picture that is our local community, our town, our nation and the whole earth. Most Sundays we offer a quiet and shorter service at 9.00am and a family friendly service at 10.30am. The values are the same at both, aiming for flexibility within a structure and a contemporary feel. We desire to join in with God the Father's mission: to make his Son Jesus Christ known in word and action as led by the Holy Spirit.
Whatever the reason you are visiting our website, please feel at home with us. Explore the pages and find out more about what we hope for and what we are doing to make that happen. Join us in worship and enjoy the peace of being in God's presence. Join us in fellowship at the end of the services. Participate with us in the love of God and help us to reach out in His love to our community and beyond.

From David this week.....

On consecutive Sundays in Advent we are taking a personal and a corporate perspective about what it means to be prepared for Jesus  coming again. Dave showed us that we are to be watchful; not deceived or distracted, ready to share the good news of God’s Kingdom to all people groups at home or abroad. The Bible is clear, this is not an add-on extra for the super-spiritual, but the calling of the whole church - the Body of Christ. The pressure to compromise can come from outside or from within the Body of Christ. Jesus mandated us to make disciples of all nations / people groups / cultures (Matthew 28:18-20). We need each other for this  demanding task. When we synchronise together to the tune of heaven, then energy re-enforces to be released and a blessing to the world. We believe that God has the answers to the needs of the nations. From time to time heaven invades the earth in the power of the Holy Spirit in what we term ‘revival’. This is part of the preparation for Jesus’ physical return. Is the Church prepared for a revival? Come Holy Spirit! Come Lord Jesus!
 Revd Canon David Hague



Our Sunday Service times are:

9.00am Common Worship
10.30am Family Worship 
(with Children's & Youth Groups)

Please come along and join us.

What's happening.....

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Bishop Stephen outside the Good Shepherd whilst on his recent missionary walk in Havering.
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