The outside of the Church of the Good Shepherd The outside of the Church of the Good Shepherd

Our Mission

At the Church of the Good Shepherd we have established five transformational goals. With the desire to follow God’s vision for our community, we try to fulfil the statements below to the best of our ability.

Strong families

“We will support the local community to build and maintain strong families.”

Healthy Community

“We will support local residents to be healthy – physically, psychologically, educationally and spiritually.”

Positive Environment

“We will work with the residents and local community in the vicinity of CoGS to ensure it is a safe, clean, healthy and happy place to live with a thriving community life.”

Overcoming Loneliness

“We will support and befriend those living locally to ensure that the people don’t feel isolated and lonely and have people with whom they socialise.”

Thriving Businesses

“We will work with the local shops and businesses both practically and prayerfully in Collier Row so they can thrive.”